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Turkey: another three survivors being pulled out from rubble after earthquake

Rescuers pulled a woman alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in Turkey on Monday and another team was digging a tunnel to reach what was believed to be a trapped grandmother, mother, and 30-day-old baby, broadcaster CNN Turk reported.

A week after a major earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, the toll of dead rose to nearly 34,000 and looked set to keep increasing as hopes for finding any more survivors faded.

But CNN Turk reported that Sibel Kaya, 40, was rescued in southern Gaziantep province, some 170 hours after the first of two major quakes struck the region.

Rescue workers in Kahramanmaras had also made contact with three survivors, believed to be a mother, daughter, and baby, in the ruins of a building, the broadcaster reported.

Rescuers in Kahramanmaras are working around the clock to reach a newborn baby, her mother and her grandmother, who've been trapped under rubble for over 170 hours. Melinda Nucifora is there

— TRT World (@trtworld) February 13, 2023
A thermal scan signaled that there were people alive, about five meters within the building, and then a muffled sound was detected, according to reports.

“When we said ‘knock on the wall if you can hear us’, we heard faint tapping,” engineer officer Halil Kaya said.

The deadliest quake in Turkey since 1939 has killed 31,643 people there. Meanwhile, the death toll in northwest Syria amounts to 4,300 people as of Monday morning.

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