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10-day-old baby, mother rescued from under rubble in Turkey

Istanbul Fire Brigade has dug out a 10-day-old baby and its mother from the debris of a building in the Turkish town of Hatay which was devastated by Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

The infant, named Yagiz Ulas, and his mother were alive at the time of their extraction, Reuters reported, adding that the two spent 90 hours under the rubble. Their father, also alive, was dug out two hours later.

In Diyarbakir, Turkey, another boy and his mother were rescued from under the rubble by a mixed group of rescuers. They had spent 103 hours under the debris.

Polish firefighters are also on the ground saving lives. Cooperating alongside Romanian and Bulgarian rescue teams in Besni, Turkey, they have saved 11 people in the last 24 hours.

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Born under the rubble

Earlier this week, Al-Jazeera reported that a baby was born under the rubble of a five-storey building that collapsed in Syria, which also had been struck by the quake. According to doctors, she must have been born three hours before being found.

She was the sole survivor. Her mother, father and siblings did not survive. As Al-Jazeera reported, neighbors had to cut the umbilical cord attaching the baby to her mother before they pulled the newborn out and hospitalized her.

The girl was incubated to boost the likelihood of her survival.

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