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Decision on Polish third NPP’s location probably in autumn, minister says

I think that this autumn we will know the decision on the location of the third nuclear power plant, the second one being built under the government program, said deputy PM and minister of state assets Jacek Sasin.

As he added Bełchatów, central Poland, is the most obvious location, but this still requires further research.

“Certain conditions must be met, for example, geological, seismic, access to water and many such things that still need to be studied at the moment,” he pointed, at the same time recalling that there is an obligation to submit two alternative sites for the power plant.

Bids for the construction of nuclear power plants under the Polish Nuclear Power Program (PPEJ) were submitted by the U.S. Westinghouse, France’s EDF and South Korea’s KHNP.

The Polish government indicated in November 2022 that the technology for the first power plant under the PPEJ will be provided by Westinghouse and the plant should be located in Pomerania.

PPEJ envisages the construction of two power plants in two different locations. According to statements by government representatives, the issue of selecting the technology and partner for the second power plant is still open.

Sasin noted that Poland will use very safe technology in the construction of nuclear power plants. “Both U.S. technology and Korean technology are safe, clean, and they do not threaten anyone,” he emphasized.

Under Poland’s energy strategy to 2040 (PEP 2040), the country plans to construct six nuclear power plants. The first reactor should start working in 2033, generating some 1-1.6 GW of power. Subsequent reactors would be constructed every two to three years.

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