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EU must cooperate, Poland’s PM says upon departure for Brussels


Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, has said that the EU should be united in offering Ukraine and financial and military assistance.

Morawiecki was speaking ahead of a two-day meeting of European leaders in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to discuss the Ukraine war.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, will attend and is expected to press EU leaders to do more for his country in its war with Russia that is now almost a year old.

“I am leaving to attend a meeting of the European Council. Poland’s postulates are clear: EU cooperation is what is needed for the financial and military support of Ukraine,” Morawiecki wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.

“A tenth package of sanctions and the seizure of Russia’s assets so that they can be spent on the reduction of energy prices for citizens and the rebuilding of Ukraine,” Morawiecki added.

Poland’s calls for tangible support for Ukraine was reiterated by Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, Poland’s Europe minister.

“Poland will call on the European Council to continue and increase its comprehensive assistance to Ukraine,” he told PAP on Thursday.

“The resistance against Russia’s imperial actions and its illegal aggression are not only our duty but they also lie in the interests of Poland and the entire European community.”

Szynkowski vel Sek expressed hope that the European Council would declare that “the end of the war is possible only under conditions approved by Ukraine,” and that the EU would support “the Ukrainian Peace Formula” proposed by President Zelensky.

The minister added that Poland also wanted the EU to continue the policy of tough sanctions on Russia, and support attempts to bring Russia to justice for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

Piotr Mueller, the Polish government spokesman, said that while at the summit, Poland’s representatives will be calling on the EU to increase its military and financial aid for Ukraine, and to help rebuild its critical infrastructure and protect civilians.

“Our aim is also to achieve progress regarding the rebuilding of Ukraine after the war, and to uphold the dynamics of Ukraine’s EU accession process,” Mueller said.

Referring to Ukrainian refugees, Mueller said Poland had been calling for the further support of countries that have been accepting Ukrainians fleeing war. 

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