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Death count of Dnipro apartment missile strike rises to 40

The Russian missile attack on an apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro left dozens dead and many more injured. Local officials have now updated the death toll, reflecting the 40 people confirmed dead, and the 30 still missing.

Rescue hopes fade following Russian attack in Ukraine’s Dnipro

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The building was targeted by a Russian Kh-22 missile, a Soviet-era anti-ship missile, which Ukraine has categorised as an “aircraft carrier killer” and lacks the air defenses to intercept. The Kremlin denies that any residential buildings were the intended target of the missile strikes.

Emergency personnel reported hearing cries for help from beneath the debris of the nine-story apartment block, but weather conditions added to the challenges faced by rescuers.

Despite the freezing temperatures, firefighters managed to rescue one woman alive over 18 hours after the attack and also recovered a body from the ruins. Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov stated that the chances of saving more people are slim, and the death toll is expected to be in the dozens.

At this stage of the rescue the Ukrainian government has little hope of finding any more survivors from the rubble.

This tragic event comes just days before a meeting of Ukraine’s allies in Ramstein, Germany, where governments will announce their latest military pledges. Following France and Poland, Britain announced on Saturday it would send 14 Challenger 2 main battle tanks as well as advanced artillery support.

Moscow may view the shipment of Western-made tanks to Ukraine as an escalation of the conflict, and the Russian Embassy in London has stated that these tanks would only prolong the ongoing conflict. Russia’s aggression has already caused thousands of deaths, displaced millions, and reduced many cities to rubble.

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