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The Kremlin tries acquiring auto, aircraft, train parts from India: report

Moscow, struggling with the fallout of Western sanctions imposed on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, has turned to India asking for the delivery of spare parts for cars, aircraft and trains, the Russian BBC office reported on Tuesday.

About 500 items are featured on a 14-page-long list of components that could be imported from India, BBC reported. Russia is eager to import pistons, oil pumps, bumpers, seat belts, life jackets, and aircraft tyres, but also fuel, communication and fire-fighting systems.

The list also includes resources necessary for paper and packaging production, as well as materials and equipment for producing textiles, cloth and dyes.

The stance of the government in Delhi on Russian aggression has been an ambivalent one. Indian authorities have consistently refrained from condemning the invasion and criticising the Kremlin. Delhi continues to call Moscow “the fundamental pillar of India’s foreign policy owing to its strategic importance in the international arena.”

For Russia, its bilateral relations with India “grow” based on the principle of “a privileged partnership.”

During a sitting of the UN General Assembly on September 25, China and India called for ending the war in Ukraine and resolving the crisis peacefully. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegedly reproached Vladimir Putin telling him “this is no time for war.” As reported by Indian TV, PM Modi stressed, in his conversation with the Russian leader, the importance of “democracy, diplomacy and dialogue.”

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