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‘Empire of Lights’ just came to me: movie director

“Empire of Light” is the latest movie written and directed by Sam Mendes. The Oscar-winning director talked about his most recent film and find out what accompanies the production of a cinema masterpiece.

According to Mr Mendes “some films you feel you want to make… and other films just sort of come to you, you feel compelled to make, like someone else is making the decision and this film was that.”

The director noted that “Empire of Light” is a film that portrays his nostalgia for the cinema.

“I felt when during lockdown I missed throwing myself into the unknown, stepping into the darkness committing to a film,” Sam Mendes stated elaborating on his nostalgia for the cinema.

Concluding the interview, Mr Mendes stressed that he does not feel obligated to make movies, he only makes them when he wants to touch on a subject.

Born in 1965, Samuel Mendes received his first Academy Award for best director in 1999 for “American Beauty”.

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