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Poland and Germany to train Ukrainian troops

An EU training mission for Ukrainian soldiers will take place in Poland, Germany and any other country that decides to accept this responsibility, the Polish Foreign Minister announced.

On Monday, Zbigniew Rau took part in a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. After the talks, he said that the ministers had managed to develop a legal framework for the operation of an EU training mission for Ukrainian soldiers.

“Now we know for sure that the mission will operate in Poland, Germany and any other country willing to take up this responsibility,” Mr Rau said.

Last month, the EU Council agreed to set up the Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine). According to the European Council’s website, “the aim of the mission is to contribute to enhancing the military capability of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to effectively conduct military operations, in order to allow Ukraine to defend its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, effectively exercise its sovereignty and protect civilians.”

Earlier on Monday, the Polish Permanent Representation to the EU commented on Poland’s recent provision of 1,570 Starlink satellite internet terminals to Ukraine.

Recent supply of additional 1570 #Starlink terminals by ?? to ?? is part of our comprehensive support to Kyiv and Ukrainian people.

Overall, Poland already provided Ukraine with more than 13.500 terminals.

Supporting ?? to defeat ?? aggression will be discussed today at #FAC.

— Poland in the EU (@PLPermRepEU) November 14, 2022

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