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World News 13.11

Residents of Kharkiv are bracing themselves for winter, creating an underground city. Meanwhile, Istanbul has been rocked by a major blast today, killing at least six people.

Underworld of Kharkiv
Residents of Kharkiv are bracing themselves for winter. Most of them do not want to leave their homes. Therefore, the only thing they can do is to live under them, creating an underground city.

Blast in Turkey kills six
Istanbul has been rocked by a major blast today, killing at least six people. The explosion occurred at one of the busiest markets in the Turkish capital. The country’s president stated the attack undoubtedly has a terrorist background.

G20 and ASEAN summits
The G20 summit is set to begin in Indonesia, just days after an ASEAN meeting, focused on the region’s issues, took place. South East Asia is seeing more interest from the rest of the world as the regional situation grows more complex.

Netanyahu to establish new government
Benjamin Netanyahu was tasked by the Israeli President to establish a new government. During his opening remarks, he pledged he would seek a consensus amid a strongly polarised nation.

US Democrats keep the Senate
The results are in for two key battleground states – Nevada and Arizona. The Republican candidates failed to meet pre-election expectations in both and were defeated by their democratic opponents securing the U.S. Senate for the Democratic Party.

Run-offs in Slovenia
Polls in Slovenia closed as the country is awaiting the complete results of the presidential elections. So far, the left-wing candidate, Natasha Mushar, is in the lead, with her competitor trailing behind by some 10 percent of overall votes. Everything can, however, change as the ballots are still being counted.

Dallas air crash
An air show commemorating wartime events in Dallas, U.S., came to a screeching halt as two WWII-era aircraft collided and crashed.

Remembrance Day
The anniversary of the conclusion of WWI is a time of solemn remembrance for the United Kingdom.

Lights, camera, action
The Camerimage film festival in Toruń, Poland, is an excellent opportunity to meet renowned filmmakers from across the world. This year’s guest of honour is film and stage director Sam Mandes, most known for his Oscar-winning ‘American Beauty’ and two James Bond movies. Could he be the next Bond director after he did ‘Spectre’ and ‘Skyfall’?

TVP’s 70th anniversary
Today, Polish Television is celebrating a very important anniversary. The first programme of TVP was aired 70 years ago, in 1952.

World News’ guest
Our guest was Maciej Gaca, a sinologist from the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

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