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Pulse of Culture 8.11

In this episode of TVP World’s Pulse of Culture, our programme’s host Karolina Ciesielska sheds light on the restoration of stained glass of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, as well as other topics.

The restoration of these marvellous pieces of art is underway in Cologne – the fruit of a campaign aimed to support experts from France in restoring the splendour of one of Europe’s most magnificent churches. As a result of the drive, as much as EUR 500,000 has been collected.

This episode also featured Christie’s Rockefeller Centre in New York anticipating record-breaking auction results this November – a particularly important auctioning season. Among others, 150 works of art created over the last 500 years will go to the highest bidder.

Other events covered in this episode include 115 of 161 ancient Cycladic artefacts from American billionaire Leonard Stern’s private collection, exhibited for the first time in the Athens Museum of Cycladic art. Also Polish Katarzyna Krakowiak-Bałka’s “Where Does Miracle Start” installation on display in Paris’ “Jeu de paume” as part of “The Year of Polish Romanticism”, and the Aga Khan Music Award celebrating top talents from Asia and Africa at Oman’s capital of Muscat.

If you crave more details on the events herewith outlined, click the video above.

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