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Italy: Venice hit by seasonal high water floods

Venice’s landmark St. Mark’s Square was flooded on Sunday during a period of seasonal high water. However, newly installed concrete barriers were successful in protecting the famed Basilica from the water.

At 100cm, the high tide in the morning didn’t reach levels necessary to activate the MOSE flood barriers which are launched in order to protect the fragile city from flooding during the so-called “acqua alta” or high water.

imagine your city sinking.. What would you do? ? Imagina si tu ciudad se hundiese. Que harías? #venice #venecia #viajes #travels

— kilmaru (@kilmaru_) November 6, 2022
The new barriers installed in the square were successful in protecting the interior of the historic St. Mark’s Basilica which in 2019 was flooded and suffered grave damage after a high tide peaked at 187 cm since the record 194 cm set in 1966.

On this day in 1966, Florence and Venice were hit by unprecedented floods, which caused extensive damage to houses and many works of art. More than 100 people died and thousands were left without homes. To prevent new floods, construction began that year on the MOSE project…

— On This Day (@Onthisday21st) November 4, 2022
Walkways were set up for tourists and local residents to cross St. Mark’s Square without getting their feet soaked.

The new norm .. floods in St Marks Sq. at high tide! And everybody expecting it! #venice #themilkofdreams #biennale

— Jeanette Lowe (@Jeanette_Lowe) November 6, 2022
Venice’s floods are caused by a combination of factors exacerbated by climate changefrom rising sea levels with unpredictably high tides to land subsidence that is causing the ground level of the city to sink.

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