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Business Arena 25.10

In Monday’s episode, our host Sascha Fahrbach kicked off the show with the main stories which were: the dangers lurking online and the 5th annual German-Ukrainian Business Forum.

No matter what industry or sector – cybersecurity remains a key aspect of our modern interconnected world.

To shed more light on the issue, we were joined by Nikodem Bończa, CEO of Exatel – a company providing cybersecurity services.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have been liberating large areas of the country in recent weeks. However, victory on the battlefield will also require intense economic investment, as many consider the task of rebuilding the war-torn nation.

The 5th annual German Ukrainian Business Forum is therefore an important event, where many gather to discuss Ukraine’s economic recovery and future.

What’s more…

-The wife of Mexico’s president on Thursday accused luxury American clothes brand Ralph Lauren of plagiarising indigenous designs, which she described as an appropriation of the work of the country’s pre-Hispanic cultures.

-Iran’s atomic energy organisation said that an e-mail server belonging to one of its subsidiaries had been hacked from a foreign country and information published online, state media reported on Sunday.

-According to the Baltic Exchange, the cost to charter an LNG tanker has risen to USD 450,000/day this week. Since the beginning of 2022, it has grown six times.

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