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Meloni launches first cabinet meeting as Italy’s Prime Minister

Meloni’s government is the 12th Italian cabinet formed in the XXI century, replacing a national unity administration piloted by former European Central Bank chief Draghi, who was at the forefront of European Union efforts to sanction Russia after it invaded Ukraine in February of 2022.

After days of intensive discussion, Meloni unveiled her team on Friday (October 21), leaving five minister seats each to the League and Forza Italia and reserving nine cabinet posts for her own party.

Technocrats make up the rest of the 24-strong squad, which includes six women and presents an average age of 60.

Giancarlo Giorgetti, believed to be a moderate and relatively pro-European member of his right-wing League party was named Economy Minister while Matteo Salvini, the head of the hard-right League party and a former interior minister became Infrastructure Minister.

The new Defence Minister Guido Crosetto, 59, is a defence industry lobbyist and a close aide to Meloni and co-founder of her party.

Meloni’s party is being accused of neo-fascist roots, but she sought to project a moderate image during the election campaign, dropping previous anti-EU rhetoric and pledging to keep Italy at the heart of European and Western institutions.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Meloni received congratulations from Europe’s conservatives and conservative governments who often face tough treatment from the European Commission. Her cabinet might be a strong ally for all those seeking to reform the organisation.

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