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Thursday’s episode was hosted by David Kennedy, presenting the major stories: The business case of the new Vistula Canal and the EU’s seventh round of Russia sanctions.

The Vistula Spit Canal, an investment of more than USD 420 mln, is aimed to change the position of Poland in political and economic terms. It will ensure the creation of better and well-paid jobs. It will contribute to the economic development of Poland and the well-being of Poles. Business Arena guest was Krzysztof Piech, PhD, Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University.

Thursday’s show also covered:

The number of rich people in the world rose at a rapid pace in 2021, boosted by gains in the stock market and house prices. As many as 5.2 million people became millionaires last year, with nearly half in the United States alone.

The Spanish labour ministry has imposed a 79 million euro fine on courier service Glovo for violating a law that requires food delivery platforms to formally hire workers.

With energy prices in Europe rising to record levels, businesses are trying their hardest to cut their energy bills. Apple farmers in Predaia in Northern Italy, following in their ancestors’ footsteps, are storing a part of their harvest in underground caves.

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