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Multiple killed and missing in landslide in Nepal

Heavy rains triggered a landslide that buried at least 14 people and injured seven in western Nepal, officials said on Saturday, as rescue workers were on the disaster site looking for a further 10 missing people.

In Achham district, about 450 km west of the capital city of Kathmandu, five houses buried under mud dotted the landscape of desolation left by the landslide. From within the buildings, rescuers pulled the dead and injured, Dan Bahadur Karki, a police spokesperson, said.

Using their hands to clear off slush, rescuers were seen in footage circulated by local media desperately searching for the missing people who were believed trapped. The injured, meanwhile, had been rushed to a nearby hospital, officials said.

It is par for the course to see flash floods and landslides occur in the mountainous terrain of Nepal, especially during the annual monsoon rains between June and September. Flash floods killed 48 people this year and as many as 12 have gone missing, according to official data.

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