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Business Arena 16.09

On Wednesday’s episode, our host David Kennedy started the show with our main stories which were: Germany seizes control of Russian-dominated refinery, Adobe Inc scoops its rival Figma for USD 20 billion and Switzerland are to buy Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fighters for USD 5.5 billion.

Germany has taken control over the PCK Schwedt refinery in Brandenburg in which Rosneft holds a 54 percent stake. The Federal Network Agency has been given trusteeship over Rosneft Deutschland, which is responsible for around 12 percent of the capacity for processing oil in Germany.

Also on the programme:

Photoshop giant Adobe announced its acquisition of Figma, an interface design app, in a deal worth USD 20 billion. The half cash and half stock purchase is the biggest buyout of a privately-owned software company ever to take place.

Among other topics:

On Thursday, the Swiss government formally announced the purchase of 36 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fighter aircraft in a USD 5.5 billion deal, Reuters reports.

The United States expanded its sanctions list on Thursday, adding additional Russian individuals and businesses.

The Romanian Government approved a draft law banning state institutions from using Kaspersky antivirus software or similar products originating in Russia.

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