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Business Arena 15.09

In this episode host David Kennedy kicked off the show with the main stories which were: Fitch ratings slashed global GDP forecasts and Poland – Europe’s new growth engine.

The European gas crisis, high inflation and a sharp acceleration in the pace of global monetary policy tightening are taking a heavy toll on economic prospects.

Fitch Ratings’ September 2022 Global Economic Outlook includes deep and wide cuts to global GDP forecasts. To shed more light on the issue Aura Sabadus, Senior Journalist and Analyst at Independent Commodity Intelligence Services joined David.

Other topics:

Germany’s richest man Klaus-Michael Kuehne has increased his stake in the airline Lufthansa, after acquiring the remaining shares owned by the German Government.

The Russian government has failed to pay pensions to Estonians who are entitled to receive the benefits, according to Estonian national television, ERR.

American EV giant Tesla was sued on Wednesday on the grounds of misleading customers about its vehicles’ self-driving features.

Europe’s industrial output fell far below forecasted targets, according to July data published on Wednesday.

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