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‘Western support allows us to withstand the war,’ says Ukrainian PM in Germany

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal descended on Berlin to meet high-ranking German officials on Sunday. During the meeting with President Steinmeier, laid out on the discussion table were the supply of weapons for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and financial aid to Ukraine.

The officials also talked about sanctions against the Russian Federation, Russia’s provocations at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the process of Ukraine’s integration into the EU, as well as the implementation of the Ukraine Recovery Plan.

The Ukrainian PM shared words of gratitude with Germany for its military, financial, humanitarian and political support. PM Shmyhal emphasised the need to increase the supply of heavy military equipment by allies.

“The MARS II multiple rocket launchers and the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers, which Germany has provided, perform well on the battlefield, and we hope to increase the supply of heavy weapons. In addition, we expect the transfer of Germany’s advanced IRIS-T Air Defense System in the fall. Meanwhile, we rely on Germany to take the lead in the process of building up our air defence,” said the Head of the Ukrainian Government, according to the Ukrainian government’s official website.

The interlocutors also tackled issues of economic assistance to Ukraine, macro-financial stability, and the Ukrainian budget deficit. Denys Shmyhal noted that Ukraine had already received USD 17.5 billion in aid from international partners and expected another USD 12 bn to USD 16 bn by the end of the year.

“This week, we expect another tranche of macro-financial assistance from the EU in the amount of EUR 5 billion,” the Ukrainian official reiterated as cited by the official website of the Ukrainian government. “We are grateful to Germany and all the countries of the European Union for their financial support. This allows us to withstand this war, continue to finance the Government’s social obligations, prop up the economy, support the army and maintain financial stability in our country.”

For his part, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier reassured the PM that Germany remains a reliable ally for Ukraine and will stand by its side to ensure victory in the ongoing war.

The unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine has been draining the country of its resources pushing Kyiv to seek financial aid from the EU, the US and international lenders.

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