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World News 22.08

Ukraine is preparing to commemorate its independence Day. Meanwhile, three survivors of the siege Azovstal steel works have spoken out on the matter at a press conference.

6 months of war
Ukraine is preparing to commemorate its independence Day. Kyiv worries that Russia may plan an intensification of air attacks on the day when Ukraine will be celebrating its 31st independence from the Soviet Union. Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his latest address stressed that “during these six months, Russia did the same thing all the time – disgusting and cruel”.

Ukraine frontline update
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine has entered its 180th day. The Fighting is concentrated in the East and south of the country. The conflict is dragging on, and nothing indicates that it will end anytime soon.

Azovstal fighters in the limelight
Three survivors of the siege Azovstal steel works have spoken out on the matter at a press conference in Ukraine. The topics included their brave fight for Mariupol, as well as the fate and trials of the captured Ukrainian defenders.

Russia blames Ukraine for assassination
The Russian Federal Security Service has accused Ukrainian special services of assassinating Darya Dugin. Kyiv has denied responsibility for the attack, in which the daughter of a prominent Russian political commentator and fascist was killed.

Nuclear threat
The potential threat of a nuclear disaster, possibly larger than Chernobyl, is frightening the world as a dangerous situation unfolds around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The Zaporizhzhya power plant, which has been occupied by Russian forces since the beginning of the invasion is used as an untouchable military base in which they store ammunition and explosives and launch attacks on Ukrainian positions.

The Kyiv initiative
Secretaries of state and advisers to the presidents of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova met in Kyiv as part of the so-called Kyiv Initiative. They discussed the future of the central European Region. The Polish Presidential adviser Jakub Kumoch announced a new cooperation treaty with Ukraine.

US warship in Lithuania
A visit of a US warship to Lithuania is a symbol of security leadership. The arrival of the USS Kearsarge, the largest warship ever to visit Lithuania, in Klaipeda demonstrates the US commitment and leadership in ensuring security in the Baltic region, according to the Defense Minister of Lithuania – Arvydas Anusauskas.

Serbia-Kosovo tensions
The already tense relations between Serbia and Kosovo were made worse at the beginning of the month after new rules were imposed on the Serbian population in Kosovo. Political talks between the two countries, mediated by the EU, have yet to show progress.

No more spying on Greece
The Greek parliament voted to bail out the European Enhanced Surveillance. The expenses of the Greek government have been heavily scrutinised by European institutions. The move marks an end to a 12-year-long fiscal streamlining and three international bailouts for the Greek economy.

Protests in Pakistan
A wave of public protests was sparked in Pakistan, following a decision to issue criminal charges against Imran Khan, the country’s former Prime Minister. Khan lost his office in April, following a vote of no confidence.

Heavy rainfall in UK
Recent heavy rainfall in England and Wales led to a significant problem in the pollution of local waterways. The torrential downpours led to overflows of raw sewage released into rivers and seas by British water companies.

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