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Pulse of Culture 01.08

More than three years since the fire at Paris’ Notre-Dame, everything is now on track for the reopening of the cathedral in 2024. As of now, a film telling the story of its destruction can be seen in theatres.

The Notre Dame fire broke out on April 15 2019, shortly before 6:20 pm. The blaze started beneath the cathedral’s roof, most of which ended up destroyed together with the building’s spire. Also severely damaged were the church’s outer walls.

Extensive damage to the interior was prevented, and many works of art and religious relics had to be moved to safety. Some artwork suffered smoke damage, and some of the exterior art ended up damaged or destroyed. The main altar, two pipe organs and three 13th-century rose windows suffered little or no damage fortunately.

Learn more about this and other cultural events worldwide, by watching the full episode above.

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