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Life and death of a Russian army scrap peddler

According to the Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), Russian soldiers were trying to sell some of their equipment to scrap metal dealers in order to avoid fighting.

The commanders of the 933rd regiment decided to neutralise their own equipment. The invaders removed the steering components of the Tor-M2U combat vehicles and tried to sell them as scrap. The Russians were again doomed by their own greed,” said HUR. Apparently “At the scrap metal collection point, they asked for a price too high, and got into a disagreement with an employee, who immediately reported the ‘businessmen’ to the so-called Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

According to HUR, the “businessmen” have been sent to the frontlines. “Those that most actively demand to be returned home, are sent by their commanders to the most challenging sections of the frontline, [their commanders] hoping for their quick death,” commented HUR.

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