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World News: 13.05: President in Estonia; Russia, Turkey oppose Finns in NATO

The Polish President and his Estonian counterpart discussed the current geopolitical scene and energy security in the region. Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey are opposing Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

Polish President visits Estonia

The Polish President spoke with his counterpart President Alar Karis, where both head of states discussed the current geopolitical scene, energy connections and building alternative sources of energy supplies for both countries and neighbouring states.

Finland wants to join NATO – Russia and Turkey oppose

After Finland announced that it is willing to join NATO “without delay”, a mixed international reaction followed. A statement from the Russian foreign ministry said that Finland’s actions would not improve stability in Europe and that Moscow would respond with “military technical” measures. Moreover, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he was opposed to the idea.

Al-Jazeera journalist’s funeral

Thousands have attended the funeral of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was killed during an Israeli police raid in the West Bank. Tensions between both Palestinians and Israelis are incredibly high, as neither side wants to accept responsibility for the journalist’s death. On Friday, Israeli police stepped in at a Jerusalem hospital to prevent a funeral march for the deceased journalist, four people were arrested.

First war crime trial begins in Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have begun prosecuting Russians accused of committing war crimes. The first of the accused is a prisoner of war captured by Ukrainian troops. He has admitted to killing a 62 year old civilian who was riding his bike but it is still unclear whether the accused will plead guilty in the case.

Poland and Lithuania pledge cooperation

Polish Minister of Defence Mariusz Błaszczak met with his Lithuanian counterpart Arvydas Anušauskas in Vilnius. At a joint press conference, the two ministers pledged to deepen cooperation in regional security.

Day of Remembrance
41 years ago today, a failed assassination attempt on Pope John Paul the second took place in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican. The Pope was shot and wounded and taken to Gemelli University Hospital in Rome.

G7 meeting

Foreign ministers from the G7 met to discuss the war in Ukraine, and to address the fears of the potential spill over of the war into Moldova. Food security concerns were also discussed.

US-ASEAN summit
The US continues to develop its Indo-Pacific strategy and deepen ties. At the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Washington DC, President Joe Biden pledged a USD 150 million investment into the region’s infrastructure.

Taiwan tensions
New satellite images have revealed that Taiwan is conducting missile strike simulations on sites meant to resemble Taiwanese and Guam ports. The military exercises are taking place amidst heightened aggressive rhetoric from China and fears of a potential invasion given Russia’s campaign in Ukraine.

Indian parents sue their son
A couple in India are suing their son and his wife for not giving them a grandchild after 6 years of marriage. The parents are demanding compensation of nearly USD 650,000 if no grandchild is born within a year.

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