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We must root out Putin’s ideology: Polish PM for Daily Telegraph

It is not enough to support Ukraine in its struggle, we need to root out the ideology behind the Russian onslaught, because it is as dangerous as Nazism and communism, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki argued in a piece for Wednesday’s edition of the Daily Telegraph.

“When I talk to young people, the history of the 20th century sounds like a macabre fairy tale to them. It seems impossible that Hitler or Stalin could return in our time. But the illusion that history cannot repeat itself was laid bare on 24 February this year,” the PM wrote. “The unimaginable became a fact when missiles fell on Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities of a sovereign, democratic state in the heart of Europe.”

He pointed out that on Monday, during a parade marking the end of World War II, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin again presented to the world the mythology of Russia’s victory over Nazism. Although the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany, he ignores the fact it brought slavery to many Central and Eastern European nations.

Putin ‘more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin’

According to Mr Morawiecki, Vladimir Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin, but is more dangerous than them because not only does he have more lethal weapons at his disposal, but he also has new media at his fingertips to spread his propaganda. As the PM recalled, not so long ago, Poland fought an information war with Russia over the genesis of WWII, and although it won, the Kremlin achieved its goal of infecting the Internet with millions of fake news stories.

“Putin’s ideology of the ‘Russian World’ doctrine is the equivalent of 20th century communism and Nazism. It is the ideology with which Russia justifies contrived rights and privileges for its country. It is also the basis for the story of the ‘special historical mission’ of the Russian people,” Mateusz Moraewiecki wrote. “In the name of this ideology, Mariupol and dozens of Ukrainian towns were razed to the ground because it [the ideology] sent Russian soldiers to war, convinced them of their superiority and encouraged them to commit inhumane war crimes.”

The only chance is ‘deputinisation’

As the PM stressed, “We must have no illusions – this is not madness, but a deliberate strategy that has already opened the gates to genocide.”

The ‘Russian World’ doctrine is a cancer that consumes not only the majority of Russian society, but poses a deadly threat to the whole of Europe,” he wrote, emphasising that “today, the only chance for Russia and the civilised world is ‘deputinisation’.”

“If we do not undertake this task immediately, we will lose not only Ukraine, but also our soul, freedom and sovereignty. For Russia will not stop at Kyiv. It has embarked on a long march to the West and it is up to us where we stop it,” he concluded.

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