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Practical guide for Ukrainian refugees: 01.04

Watch TVP World’s Practical guide for Ukrainian refugees: a show dedicated to the refugees from Ukraine, helping them in their struggle to cope with life after being forced out of their homes to a totally new environment.

The programme will focus mainly on the new legislation passed by the Polish parliament helping Ukrainians in areas such as getting a National Identification Number (PESEL), finding a job, and applying for healthcare and school.

This episode is dedicated to helping refugees in obtaining a PESEL number

To obtain a PESEL, a Ukrainian citizen has to apply for one in a Residential Centre. It is advised to come early because of possible queues.

To properly fill out an application for a number a Ukrainian citizen will need their Ukrainian evidence number and basic information like name, date of birth and a recent passport-sized photo with specific parameters (such photos can be obtained near the Centres for free).

The PESEL number helps to identify individuals, especially in banks and government offices. Moreover, it gives families the possibility to join the 500+ programme, which consists of a monthly benefit of PLN 500 (EUR 107) for every child under the age of 18.

The guest of the programme was Jarosław Obremski from the Lower Silesia Regional Office. He pointed out that in 2015, one million refugees went to Germany creating a big problem in the country. In turn, Poland welcomed more than two million refugees in under 20 days which is “a big challenge for everybody in Poland”.

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