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Poland interested in military cooperation with US, Duda tells Biden

As the Polish president emphasised, Poland is a serious partner and a reliable ally.
Leszek Szymański/PAP

Poland wants to buy modern US-made military equipment and is interested in cooperation with the United States in the military field, Polish President Andrzej Duda told his visiting US counterpart Joe Biden during a meeting in Warsaw on Saturday.

The presidents of Poland and the US held face-to-face talks on the Russia’s war on Ukraine, in Warsaw on Saturday.

Biden arrived in Poland on Friday afternoon for a two-day trip to discuss the international community’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis the war has created.

As the Polish president emphasised, Poland is a serious partner and a reliable ally. He noted that Poland has adopted a new law to raise the defence spending to 3 percent of GDP next year.

“In the future, we will also buy modern, proven military equipment, which is produced in the United States, but we would be very interested in cooperation with the United States in this area as well,” Duda said.

He added that Poland is happy with every element of cooperation with the US, like the possibility of co-producing Black Hawk helicopters.

He also thanked Biden for US’s tough stance towards Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“Thank you for the very strong voice of the US, which puts a powerful emphasis on the end of Russian aggression against Ukraine; we stand with the United States, we want to pursue this policy together with them and we count on the decisive and tough leadership of the United States in Nato,” Duda said.

During his talks with Biden, Duda also praised the good ties between the two countries. “I would like to emphasise very strongly, Mr. President, that despite difficult times, these Polish-American relations are flourishing today,” he told Biden.

Duda noted that Poland is the first European recipient of American LNG gas. As he pointed out, “it is extremely important in the aspect of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine today and the energy blackmail that has been practiced by Russia for years”.

“We built this gas terminal in Swinoujscie precisely in order to fight this blackmail… and we are grateful for the American support in this area,” he said.

Duda also said that Poland appreciates the Polish-US partnership “in the field of peaceful nuclear energy.”

“We are also grateful that we continue the path towards… the construction of American nuclear power plants in Poland, which are necessary for us to implement the programme of climate protection and the development of modern energy in our country,” he said and stressed that Poland and the United States had very good economic relations.

“In 2021, according to our estimates, we had the highest trade turnover so far, over USD 18 billion, despite the coronavirus pandemic, despite all the obstacles,” he added.

“It is a great joy for us, we are happy with all American investments in Poland, we welcome them with joy – just as we welcome American soldiers who have come to us to strengthen the eastern flank,” Duda said and added that Biden’s visit further strengthens the ties between the two countries and is also well received by representatives of American business operating in Poland.

“Where their president comes, there is a safe and secure place,” the Polish president said.

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