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Over 127,00 Russian soldiers mobilised near Ukrainian border: report

The Ministry of National Defence of Ukraine reported about the mobilisation of over 127,000 Russian land, air and navy troops near the country’s border. As it added, ballistic missiles, radio and satellite equipment used for intelligence activities and ammunition supplies were collected at the border training grounds and field hospitals were also established there.

Full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine is most likely scenario: US magazine

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According to the ministry, organisational units of the Russian army located near the Ukrainian border can be divided into those that are stationed regularly in the west and south of the country and those that have been brought from other regions and located within 300 km from the eastern border of Ukraine.

The US “Wall Street Journal” reported that additional units were brought in from Russia’s North Caucasus, barracks near Moscow and St. Petersburg, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

Russian missiles could reach Kyiv

According to the Ukrainian army, the military equipment gathered by Russia would allow the Kremlin to destroy the state’s “key strategic objects,” and the “Iskander” ballistic missiles placed near the Ukrainian border could reach Kyiv.

According to experts from the Royal United Services Institute think tank dealing with British security issues, the troops mobilised on the Russian-Ukrainian border, thanks to the spread of firepower, could enable the aggressor to conduct mass firing, which would allow its army to dictate the conditions of a potential conflict.

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