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Biden-Putin talks unlikely a breakthrough: deputy FM

It is likely that Thursday’s conversation between the presidents of Russia and the US will not turn out to be a breakthrough, said Paweł Jabłoński, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister on Friday.

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As he added, it is possible that in the near future we will have attempts at talks and diplomatic activities through other channels.

US President Joe Biden spoke on Thursday by telephone with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This is the second conversation between the Russian and US presidents in less than a month.

“I think that this conversation, the fact that it was conducted on such a date, in such circumstances, proves that the security situation on Poland’s eastern border is still very serious,” Mr Jabłoński pointed out.

He went on, saying that Russia has for years been taking very aggressive actions, contrary to international law, including violating the borders, as well as invading and annexing territories of other countries.

“Russia is still the country that destabilises the region and at the same time tries to create a narrative according to which it is threatened by NATO’s actions,” he said.

In his opinion, many politicians of European capitals, as well as US politicians, do not perceive this danger on a daily basis and fall into the story that if he makes any concessions to Russia, it may be possible to calm the situation down.

“This is, unfortunately, great naivety,” said Mr Jabłoński, adding that Putin’s Russia has proven many times that it is not a partner that keeps its word.

He also noted that the official announcements made after the talks were “quite laconic,” whereas the fact that both presidents communicated through an interpreter in practice mean that this conversation lasted about 25 minutes, so it was not particularly long by the standards prevailing in diplomacy.

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