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President appoints Council of Security and Defence

President Andrzej Duda established the Council of Security and Defence as part of the National Development Council. It will be composed of representatives of uniformed services, people with army experience and representatives of the world of science.

The president thanked “for the readiness to support the head of state in matters related to security, assessment of current and future threats and by contributing to the development strategy”.

“The security situation is not easy nowadays. Recent decades have put us in the face of a completely new type of conflict which are hybrid attacks(…). We are witnessing a tremendous growth of all kinds of digital techniques which has brought a new kind of security which is cybersecurity,” the president pointed out.

He added that the digital techniques in question manifest not only in the actions of the military, but are also present in everyday life, for example, in smartphones.

Andrzej Duda admitted that he did not rule out the use of secrecy in relation to some of the topics discussed by the council, which is why, as he pointed out, the group of the Council of Security and Defence is narrow.

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