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More Iraqi migrants from Poland-Belarus border return home

Another group of Iraqis who had camped for weeks at the Belarus border with Poland, in the hope of entering the European Union, have been flown out of Belarus and back to Baghdad, a senior Polish security official said on Saturday.

“On Friday, another plane with migrants departed from Minsk to Iraq. This time there were over 400 people on board,” Stanislaw Zaryn, director of the National Security Department wrote on Twitter.

He said that Kurds make up a significant number of the repatriated Iraqi migrants.

According to Zaryn, over 1,500 people have already returned to Iraq and Syria from Belarus, and more flights are planned.

But, in his opinion, “the Belarusian operation against Poland is ongoing and will be continued, and its goals are part of Russia’s strategic action against NATO.”

“Mainly (Iraqi) Kurds are returning, but there still those from Yemen and the remaining people who were brought in via Moscow,” he said.

On Friday, Zaryn said that more than 10,000 migrants, who intended to cross the border and were brought in by the authorities in Minsk in recent months, were still in Belarus.

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