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TVP World records increased user traffic on opening day

On its opening day of November 18, TVP World saw an immediate spike in the number of views and viewers.

In terms of viewers, on November 18 alone the number amounted to 59,024 and was approximately 27 times larger than the average number of viewers over the timespan of January 1, 2021, to November 17, 2021.

The number of new viewers amounted to 58,309 on the launch day.

As for the number of views on November 18, it amounted to a staggering 189,748.

Shoutout to our followers on social media. Our content was viewed 7,221 times via Facebook — 66 percent of the entire number of views on the launch day. A total of 6,566 viewers were brought to by Facebook referral links.

Meanwhile, 24,161 internet users accessed the TVP World website directly. A total of 14,703 viewers go to us via Google.

The TVP World Twitter content came second in terms of social media views with 3,338 recorded on November 18.

Concerning the origin of movement, the top 5 countries where access to the TVP World website was established the most on November 18 are Poland (45,144), the US (2,706), the UK (2,663), Germany (2,119) and Canada (716).

PolandIN goes TVP World

On Thursday, November 18, Poland’s public broadcaster TVP launched TVP World — a 24-hour all-English language channel. Prompted by the growing crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border and a hybrid attack by Belarus and Russia — a tandem waging information war against Poland, the public broadcaster’s decision came as a response to the urgent need for trustworthy information in an environment of ever-greater disinformation.

Being a global channel, TVP World seeks to combat fake news worldwide and respond to the information demands of the global audience.

The running channel consists of information and comments. Throughout the day, TVP World broadcasts documentaries about the current situation on the border, as well as journalistic programmes: “Eastern Express”, “Business Arena”, “Future Insight” and “The Culture Tribe”.

Due to extraordinary circumstances, the program will prioritise the coverage of current events on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The TVP World channel is also available as an internet portal at and via satellite, also in the US, via the TVP Info channel.

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