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Russia pumps gas into first line of NS2 pipeline

Gazprom started pumping gas into the first line of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The information was provided by the Interfax press agency, citing a statement from the Russian-German consortium Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the operator of the pipeline.

Poland has objected to the construction of the pipeline located at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Polish experts believe that this investment poses a threat to the energy security of the European Union and the country wants the European Commission to initiate an investigation into the Russian’s gas giant Gazprom market manipulation, which led to a sharp increase in gas prices on the European stock exchange.

A few weeks ago, a group of 40 MEPs submitted a letter to the European Commission in which it pointed out that Gazprom’s market manipulations causing an unjustified increase in gas prices may be one of the elements of pressure exerted by Russia on European Union countries to agree to launch Nord Stream 2, despite its non-compliance with EU regulations.

Russia, disregarding the reservations expressed by Poland and some European Union countries, is continuing the process of launching the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to Interfax, the raw material was pumped into the first line of the pipeline so that the quality and durability tests of the structure could be completed. Earlier, internal and external inspections of the gas pipeline were carried out with the help of special devices.

The Bloomberg news agency, referring to the Danish Energy Agency, wrote that the first line of Nord Stream 2 has obtained all the necessary certificates and can be put into operation. However, the second thread does not meet all the requirements yet.

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