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Apitherapy makes Łyskowo village beehive of tourist activity

Bees have healing power, according to the residents of the Łyskowo village in the Gostycyn municipality, northern Poland. “Api-inhalation” is a new kind of therapy which lets people breathe air from a beehive.

Currently the village has two rooms adapted for api-inhalation. The entire microclimate of the beehive is present in the room thanks to special beehives inside, supplied with grates to separate the bees from the tourists.

Breathing beehive air is believed to have healing properties, especially in cases of oral mycosis, respiratory diseases, pollen allergies and various other allergies.

Children from the Gostycyn municipality learn how important bees are from a very young age. For instance, at wax workshops.

“We wish that from these 40 children who come here, to the municipal Culture Centre in Gostycyn, there is at least one that will become a beekeeper,” Ewelina Olejniczak-Muzioł from the Gostycyn Culture Centre said.

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