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COVID-19: PM warns infections could count in thousands in autumn

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has warned that daily COVID-19 infections could hit 12,000 a day in the autumn, in the worst-case scenario.

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“We held a meeting to decide what should be done apart from vaccinations,” Mr Morawiecki told reporters on Tuesday.

“First, we must keep the infrastructure at the level necessary, according to experts, to cope with ‘a so-called worst-case scenario’,” Mr Morawiecki stated.

“There are analyses which refer to even a dozen thousand or so new infections in the autumn,” he said, appealing to society to register for vaccinations. He said that Poland had enough doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate everyone.

Vaccinations are particularly important in the context of new coronavirus mutations, Mr Morawiecki said.

“Today we are talking about the Delta mutation, but the Lambda mutation is just around the corner,” he said.

Australian media have so far reported on the presence of Alfa, Kappa and Delta variants, and now the Lambda mutation has reached that country as well. Initial research shows that the latest variant is highly infectious and could be resistant to existing vaccines.

As of Tuesday morning, Poland had distributed 30,148,610 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with 14,004,587 people having been fully vaccinated, according to data posted on the official government website.

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