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Poland’s first nuclear reactor to be launched in 2033: official

“Poland will invest in nuclear technology. The first reactor is to be ready in 12 years,” Piotr Naimski, the government’s plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure announced.

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The Minister added that currently, arrangements are being made regarding the choice of the final site for the power plant. There are two locations being considered, both in Pomorskie province, northern Poland – Lubiatowo or Żarnowiec.

The work schedule provides that the first reactor will be launched in 2033. In total, six reactors are to be built, the last of which is to be ready to operate in 2043.

According to Polish government estimates, the plant will cover up to 25 pct of the country’s energy production.

Comprehensive expertise on the construction of reactors is to be prepared, in accordance with the Polish-American government agreement, by US companies supported by the local administration.

Currently, the Polish government is finalising expert opinions and environmental documentation. The process of registration of the state-owned company “Polish Nuclear Plants” is also underway.

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