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Explore mysterious ruins of Bolczów Castle

The Sudetes mountains in south-western Poland hold many attractions, and one of them is the mysterious Bolczów Castle in the mountain range of Rudawy Janowickie near the town of Jelenia Góra, southwest Poland.

The castle was most likely founded in 1375 by the courtier of prince Bolko II from the Bolcz family. This astounding medieval fortress, whose walls had been built into the natural crags, witnessed numerous knights’ tournaments, wars and had several owners.

In 1645, the object, then located on German territory, was occupied by the Swedes, who, leaving the castle in December of that year, set fire to the residential buildings. Since then, the Bolczów castle has been in ruins.

Just like many other places of its type, the castle is surrounded by a dark legend. It features a lady in white by the name of Greta, said to be haunting the castle to this day.

According to the legend, she used to work in the castle’s tavern – until one day, she went missing after work. To date, her spirit wanders in the vicinity of the castle, still trying to find her way to the castle.

The access to the dark fortress is free of charge, as there is no museum, just ruins. It is located in the Dolnośląskie province, a few kilometres south of the national road No. 3 connecting Wrocław with Jelenia Góra.

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