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Law and Justice and Kukiz’15 parties close to reaching agreement

We are not far from reaching the agreement with Paweł Kukiz, said the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party Jarosław Kaczyński on Wednesday. The negotiations on both sides are more and more advanced, and the leaders of PiS and Kukiz’15 are to meet again next week.

According to the PiS leader, the ruling coalition might be “slightly” transformed, as talks are underway with parties other than Kukiz’15 as well. Nevertheless, Mr Kaczyński stated he would be “very happy” to find a consensus with the former rockman.

“I am in good spirits,” said Paweł Kukiz, who confirmed that both parties are close to reaching a compromise. As he stated, more talks, negotiations and arrangements are still taking place on each other’s demands that both sides would be ready to support. The leader of Kukiz’15 added, however, that it was all about joint projects, not the cooperation as a coalition.

“We want judges of the peace, an anti-corruption law, but the election law based on the single-member electoral districts is crucial for us,” Mr Kukiz said in an interview with TVP.Info website.

At the same time, he expressed readiness to sign the Polish Deal programme declaration, as he “liked many aspects of this socio-economic project”.

“I especially like the fact that there are a lot of our ideas included there, ranging from the construction of small houses without formalities to the annual tax-free quota of PLN 30,000,” the politician concluded.

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