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Putin words signal improvement in PL-RUS relations: ambassador

After the ceremony of handing over his credentials, the new Polish ambassador to Moscow, Krzysztof Krajewski considered the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the need for more pragmatic contacts with Poland “a positive signal for bilateral relations.”

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The ambassador noted that this signal “is absolutely consistent with Poland’s perception of re-building these pragmatic, equal Polish-Russian relations.”

He expressed the conviction that these relations await “a hard, bumpy road, but perhaps we will manage to build at least one bridge of good cooperation.”

Tuesday’s ceremony held in the Kremlin has officially inaugurated the mission of Ambassador Krajewski. Afterwards, the head of the Polish diplomacy in Moscow visited several memorial sites in the Russian capital.

The ambassador laid flowers at the monument commemorating the victims of political repression located at the Academician Sakharov prospectus. The next memorial site he visited was the Solovetsky Stone located at Lubyanka Square in Moscow, near the building of the Federal Security Service, and previously of the Soviet secret police KGB. The boulder commemorates the victims of political terror in the USSR, mainly from the 1930s.

Mr Krajewski also laid wreaths at the monument of St. John Paul II, erected in the atrium of the building of the Library of Foreign Literature in the centre of Moscow. Tuesday marks the 101st anniversary of the birth of the Polish Pope.

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