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Poles are the most important: official on “Polish Deal”

“When I hear that the local governments are against it, I am surprised,” Radosław Fogiel, spokesman for the Law and Justice (PiS), senior party in Poland’s ruling coalition, said in an interview with Polish Radio referring to the recently presented government programme “Polish Deal” and concerns of local governments regarding it.

Mr Fogiel countered the accusations that the changes planned by the government would be unfavorable for local governments. As he explained, Poles are the most important to the government and taxes will be lowered with them in mind.

“Poles are the most important. It is for them that we want to lower taxes, propose a [higher] free personal allowance, a second tax threshold and many other solutions. When I hear local governments against it, I am surprised,” he pointed out.

He also added that the local governments’ losses will be partially reimbursed by an investment subsidy.

“There will be an investment subsidy with very clearly defined rules and algorithms that will largely compensate for the losses of local governments,” Mr Fogiel announced.

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