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Gang boss laundering money for drug cartels handed over to Poland

A Dutch court has agreed to hand over to Poland a gang boss laundering money for Colombian drug cartels.

Shalom Lior A. (name withheld), wanted on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW), was the boss of a gang which had laundered PLN 1.4 billion (EUR 304 million) for Colombian drug cartels.

An investigation into an international organised crime gang laundering money coming from drug trafficking and internet crimes, so-called phishing, has been carried out by a Lower Silesian unit of the Department for Investigations of Organised Crime and Corruption at the National Prosecutor’s Office in Wroclaw (western Poland).

Extradition proceedings were launched immediately after Shalom Lior A. had been arrested in October 2020, in Amsterdam, on the EAW issued by Poland.

Legal proceedings will be launched immediately after the suspect has been brought to Poland.

Five people have already been arrested as part of the ongoing investigation. In August 2019, the prosecution decided to seize and detain their properties. Money gained through criminal activities is forfeited to the State Treasury according to the law on counteracting money laundering and terrorism.

During the investigation, the Polish Police Central Investigation Bureau cooperated with Europol, Interpol and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

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