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PM starts tour to promote “Polish Deal”

On Monday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is starting a tour with a visit to Lubelskie and Podkarpackie provinces, during which he will promote the “Polish Deal” – the new socio-economic programme of the United Right, Poland’s ruling coalition, for the period after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy spokesman for Law and Justice (PiS), senior party in the United Right coalition, Radosław Fogiel said that the Prime Minister wants to introduce Poles to the new PiS programme and discuss its assumptions during his tour.

Mr Fogiel emphasised that in the coming weeks, the head of government will meet with residents of various regions of Poland to discuss solutions contained in the “Polish Deal”, which concern, inter alia, retirees and the health service.

The aim of the “Polish Deal” is to raise Poles standard of living. The programme covers 10 area: plan for health, fair work – decent pay, decade of development, family and home in the center of life, Poland – our land, friendly school and culture for the new century, good climate for companies, clean energy – clean air, cyberPoland 2025, golden autumn of life.

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