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COVID-19: First Communion commences under sanitary restrictions

For the second time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebrations of the first communion have been taking place in small groups or individually, subject to sanitary regulations. Communion receptions can be organised outdoors, and from May 29 also indoors, within a limited number of guests and social distancing.

The first communions are held in smaller groups, and not only in May. Many parishes extend the span of the celebrations for the following months so that they can be held in safe conditions for everyone.

“A large number of children take part in the so-called individual, family communions, but also in these small groups of several people. This year we have 130 children who receive the First Holy Communion, which translates into a total of 20 Communion Masses throughout the school year,” said Michał Mikołajczak from the parish of Holy Family in Szczecin, northwestern Poland.

The First Communion is an important experience not only for children but also for parents. The pandemic has changed the way people celebrate this exceptional moment. Some take the celebration of communion home instead of throwing large family parties in a restaurant.

From May 4, more people have been allowed to go to the church, subject to the rule of one person per 15 square meters.

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