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Bills related to New Deal to be presented at next Sejm session: official

“I think that at the next Sejm (the Lower House) session, some of the bills related to the New Deal will be presented,” Maria Koc, the ruing Law and Justice (PiS) party senator said on Sunday. She added that many of the changes will enter into force this year, while changes in taxation will be introduced next year.

The Polish New Deal is a socio-economic programme for the post-pandemic period. The programme was presented at the ruling party Saturday’s convention. It includes a rise in health outlays to 7 percent of GDP, tax reduction for 18 million Poles (including raising the annual tax-free quota up to PLN 30,000), investments that will generate 500,000 new jobs, mortgages without own contribution, simpler rules for building houses up to 70 m2 on owned land.

The policies proposed in the New Deal are to be introduced “as soon as possible,” Maria Koc emphasised. She added that “certainly many of these changes will come into force later this year”.

Paweł Szrot the head of the president’s office, emphasised that the entirety of the New Deal was “very prosocial and pro-employment”. When asked about the controversy surrounding the introduction of a 9 pct health contribution without tax deductibility, Mr Szrot stressed that he was not afraid that “some social groups” would lose out on the proposed solutions.

Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, argued on Saturday that the regulations presented in the New Deal would mean a tax reduction for 90 pct of Poles, for 5 pct of the population taxes would not change and for another 5 pct “they will go up, however not so much in taxes, but rather in social contributions”.

The Prime Minister announced that extensive consultations are planned regarding the programme.

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