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Govt programmes will significantly improve air quality in Poland: Deputy PM

On Saturday, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Jarosław Gowin, announced multiple solutions to accelerate the energy transformation in the country while providing cover and financial protection for energy-intensive industries. All the solutions are included in the New Deal programme.

“We will make large investments in ecological energy sources, building a civic energy system, a prosumer system in which everyone will be able to both produce and consume electricity,” the Minister said.

Thanks to the “Clean Air” programme, there will be nearly a million buildings in Poland with a new, ecological heat source/heating. Hundreds of thousands of houses will be equipped with subsidised photovoltaic installations thanks to the “My Electricity” programme, and hundreds of thousands of houses more, under the “My Water” programme, will get water retention installations.

In the following years, wind energy will also be developed. The Minister of Development announced the creation of industrial clusters for the electromobility sector in south-east Poland and the introduction of small gasification systems in rural areas.

The New Deal also includes the expansion of the power grid by constructing hundreds of kilometres of modern energy infrastructure, the development of renewable energy technologies with EUR 500 million for investments in wind farms and associated infrastructure and the modernisation or construction of 120 heating plants.

“We are also implementing a strategy for hydrogen energy. I recently made a decision with the Minister of Climate to settle the first competition for hydrogen energy projects,” Jarosław Gowin said. He added that intensive work is underway to start the construction of a nuclear power plant.

“The New Deal is a bold development programme for our country, calculated for today and for the years to come,” concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.

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