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Rafał Brzozowski ready for Eurovision, counts on votes of Poles abroad

Contestants for the Eurovision 2021 song contest, including Poland’s Rafał Brzozowski are currently rehearsing their dancing and singing before the semi-finals of the competition.

Rafał Brzozowski will present his song “The Ride” in front of jurors and a giant audience watching via television all over Europe. The 2021 Eurovision will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

“I cannot wait to say ‘hello Europe’ and smile at our viewers,” Rafał Brzozowski said. He added acknowledgements to his fans saying “Thank you to all our viewers for supporting Poland. Remember, number 6”.

During the Eurovision contest, people watching can vote for the best musician, the only rule is that they cannot vote for someone from their own country. “We are not hiding that we count on the full mobilisation of Poles abroad, who can vote for Poland, for Rafał and ‘The Ride’, because they are abroad,” Aleksander Sikora, the commentator of the Polish public broadcaster TVP for Eurovision 2021 said.

For all contestants, Eurovision is an adventure of a lifetime. “There are rehearsals and stress and I spend all my time thinking how to improve my performance, to make it even better. But I think that when the emotions tone down and when I go back home, it will hit me, what an amazing adventure it was,” Stefania, the Greek representative for Eurovision 2021 said.

“It is fascinating that in 2019, after nearly 46 years, we won the Eurovision contest and the fact that the contest will take place in my country, close to my home, since I grew up close to Rotterdam. That is simply amazing,” the winner of Eurovision 2019 Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands said.

Rafał Brzozowski will appear on the Eurovision stage on May 20, and he is really counting on the votes of Poles abroad.

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