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Belarus extends Polish minority leader’s detention: report

According to the website, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus decided to extend the pre-trial detention of Angelika Borys, the head of the Union of Poles in Belarus, by 5 months. This information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.

Andrzej Pisalnik, editor-in-chief of, told Polish Radio that the information about the extension of the investigation was obtained from a reliable source.

“We learned that in recent days a decision was made to extend the detention of… Angelika Borys for 5 months. This means that the investigation will take at least that long,” the journalist said.

He added that there is currently no information as to whether the arrest has been extended for three other Polish minority leaders who have also been detained in Minsk since the second half of March. They are imprisoned on charges of “inciting ethnic hatred”. It is related to the commemoration of Indomitable Soldiers by the Polish minority in Belarus.

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