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Almost half-a-million foreigners hold Polish residence permits

Valid residence permits are held by over 483,000 foreigners, mostly by Ukrainians, Belarusians and Germans, a spokesman for the Office for Foreigners has told PAP.

“The vast majority of foreigners have a temporary residence permit, that is, almost 300,000 people. Almost 85,000 foreigners are entitled to permanent residence,” Jakub Dudziak said.

He added that 80,000 citizens of EU member states also have valid residence permits in Poland.

Moreover, young people most often settle in Poland, he said, adding that almost 275,000 foreigners with valid residence permits are 20–39 years of age.

According to data provided by the Office for Foreigners, 483,500 people currently have valid residence permits. The largest groups include the citizens of Ukraine (265,300), Belarus (31,500) and Germany (20,000).

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