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Most Poles will spend summer holiday domestically: survey

“Although every fifth respondent declares that he or she will not go on vacation, this is a clearly lower percentage than a year ago, when almost 30 percent said so,” BIG InfoMonitor expert Halina Kochalska has said.

As in the previous year, the vast majority of respondents (75 percent in 2021 and 77 percent in 2020) declare that they will spend the holiday season in the country, and every fourth person is planning a trip abroad.

“Preferences in vacation destinations are not related to such characteristics as sex, age, education, place of residence or having children, but mainly to the state of finances,” Halina Kochalska said.

For 27 percent of Poles, vacation planning is a “standard situation” because they travel every year. The majority of others argued that they need to go on vacation due to “COVID-19 factors”. 35 percent of respondents declare that due to the events of the last year, “they need to rest more than usual”, and 29 percent believe that they have spent so much time at home that they “have to change their environment”. 7 percent of respondents want to go on a splurge and spend more than usual.

Almost every fifth respondent will not go on vacation regardless of vaccinations, and the rest are determined to leave regardless of whether they will get inoculated or not. 34 percent declare that vaccination does not have any impact on their vacation decisions, although they do not have specific plans yet.

Most of the respondents (42 percent) intend to finance their holiday plans from regular savings and current income. Every sixth respondent will use for this purpose the savings collected thanks to the limited expenses during the pandemic. One in ten declares that they do not need any special financing for their trip , because they plan to stay with their family. 11 percent of respondents will use tourist vouchers.

The study was commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor Quality Watch using the CAWI technique, on a representative sample of 1,115 adult Poles, on April 16-19, 2021.

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