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No reliable info suggesting terrorist attack likely: Secret Services Min spokesperson

Commenting on the message dispatched by European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX on May 6 to forewarn European national police forces of a pending Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, Secret Services Minister’s spokesperson Stanisław Żaryn stressed that there was no reliable information suggesting such an operation would be carried out in Poland any time soon.

FRONTEX warns Polish police of being in Al-Qaeda’s crosshairs: report

According to a document sent in by European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX, the Polish police may be targetted by Al-Qaeda in the near…

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“The level of terrorist threat on the territory of the Republic of Poland remains low. The Internal Security Agency [ABW] has been monitoring the threat and remains in constant contact with the partner services and international counterterrorism organisations,” said the spokesperson.

But terrorist propaganda calling for the shedding of law enforcement officers’ blood is not novel propaganda, Mr Żaryn ensured, adding that Poland’s secret services have been keeping track of terrorist propaganda activities. There was an example of such a terrorist call to targetted killings recently published in the Al-Qaeda-affiliated “The Wolves of Manhattan Magazine”.

The threat has been known for a long time as Al-Qaeda is especially keen on offering blood money for disposing of uniformed officials.

“An example of a response to such calls are the attacks against police officers of Western states. The recent attacks displayed a mode of operation that revolved around knife attacks by the so-called lone actors. These are precisely the people that the terrorist propaganda is addressed to via the Internet serving as a radicalisation tool,” Mr Żaryn said.

The potential threat from Al-Qaeda has not eluded the Polish police, as the General Police Headquarters spokesperson Mariusz Ciarka told Poland’s public broadcaster on Wednesday. Mr Ciarka stressed that the security of Polish police officers was of top priority and that the fewer details are revealed “in the range of safety measures, the higher the security we can ensure” to our officers.

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