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Decisions regarding 2020 postal elections were legal: Gov’t

“Decisions to begin technical preparations for postal voting in the 2020 presidential elections were legal,” the Government Information Center (CIR) announced. The announcement emphasised that this is evidenced by the many legal opinions available to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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The CIR emphasised in a press release that the actions of the Prime Minister and the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in connection with the postal elections in 2020 were fully legal. It was assured that all the activities were performed in accordance with the Polish constitution.

“The Prime Minister has never called for presidential elections or voting by correspondence. The aim of the actions taken was to enable eligible groups whose life and health were endangered due to the pandemic, as well as those in isolation, to participate in the elections,” the CIR stressed.

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Despite advanced preparations, last year’s correspondence elections were not held. Among other things, election packages were printed, the delivery of which was to be handled by the Polish Post.

The Supreme Audit Office (NIK) ruled that the organisation of last year’s presidential elections by correspondence had no legal basis. It also submitted notifications to the prosecutor’s office about suspicion of a crime committed by the management boards of the Polish Post and the Polish Security Printing Works.

The head of the NIK, Marian Banaś, announced that the institution negatively assessed the process of organising the elections. As he explained, from the moment the Prime Minister signed the decision to organise the elections to their planned date, the only body that could organise and prepare the elections was the State Electoral Commission.

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