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FRONTEX warns Polish police of being in Al-Qaeda’s crosshairs: report

According to a document sent in by European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX, the Polish police may be targetted by Al-Qaeda in the near future, Wirtualna Polska (WP) news website reported.

The message was forwarded on May 6 and put not just Polish but all European police officers on alert. In line with the message preemptively sent by FRONTEX, the attacks may be carried out in various parts of Europe.

“With the intermediation of the Counter-Criminal Terror and Murder Department, the Criminal Department of the Criminal Bureau of the Police HQ has acquired information sent by the… FRONTEX on a likely threat of terrorist attacks on police officers in Western states,” Wirtualna Polska cites the document.

As reported by WP, the message references the source of the information on the attacks and reveals details of the prospective operation. The website also wrote that it decided not to publish these details for fear of compromising the Polish State’s security.

The website wrote that FRONTEX did not comment on the acquired information. “However, we have learnt from sources close to the agency that the document was dispatched to pertinent security institutions in the whole of Europe and that the source of the information about the planned attacks is one of Spain’s services,” the website wrote.

Mariusz Ciarka, the spokesperson of the General Police HQ said that the Polish force is aware of the threat and takes appropriate steps.

“We are aware of this situation, as are our colleagues from other European Police formations… Of course, the appropriate actions are being taken, but I cannot reveal any details because of the safety of our officers,” Mr Ciarka told Polish public broadcaster TVP.

WP asked former police officer and deputy interior minister Adam Rapacki if the threat was real. “If the warnings come from such a respectable institution, then they seem real. Such an attack could scare society but it will not scare the police. It is good for society to know of the potential attack because it is easier to react should anything of this kind unfold,” he said.

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